Lametarded Firefox Flash Player Crash

This is the lamest thing in the history of forever. It will crash Firefox 90% of the time. How does it happen?

Basically the scenario is this: if Flash Player originates a resizing of itself on the page, Firefox will immediately crash and close. Can’t be any more clear than that. Why was I trying to get Flash to resize? My current project needed to have a “sidebar” which would expand when necessary, displaying content when it was needed, hidden when it wasn’t. I used a really sweet Javascript tween library as well as JQuery to make it all happen, and it worked fine when the animation was triggered by a HTML button tag.

But as soon as I tried doing it with Flash Player, I was presented with more than an hour of crashing Firefox. There’s no consistent way to make it work, period.

If you are suffering from this horrible Flash Player plague, I feel your pain. This really sucks.

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