Dependency Injection via Spring

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Spring and java persistence lately, and I’ve definitely been loving it. Dependency injection is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in developing Java systems and Spring allows you to almost externalize all of your classes’ needs and eliminate the ‘new’ operator altogether. This is amazing to say the least. Having started all of my coding in Actionscript 2, the world of Java is somewhat foreign to me, but refreshing to say the least.

I built some of my first generic classes and interfaces the other day and I take what I said about generics back, they are extremely useful. By extending and implementing these classes and interfaces, I literally can save myself around an hour per DAO I create, and let Spring manage everything without skipping a beat. It makes life so much easier!

While I am still totally a newbie at Spring, I’m so glad for Red5′s use of it. It makes development so much easier and really helps in building modular applications. “Spring in Action” is on my to-get list on Amazon and I can’t wait to get it and learn a lot.

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