Creating Long-Term Backups with Amazon Glacier on Linux

Amazon Glacier LogoIf you haven’t heard about Amazon Glacier already, it’s definitely something to be excited about. Amazon Glacier is a service that makes it extremely affordable to store gigabytes upon gigabytes of data for the long term in the cloud. Your data is stored immediately, but retrieval requests take at least 4 hours to make your data available again for your downloading. Let’s back up a ton of files on Linux to Glacier.

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Django Country/State/Province/Territory info with django-locality

I’ve just written a new Django app called django-locality. It’s a pretty simple Django application which includes a few key features:

  1. Country objects stored in the database.
  2. Territory objects stored in the database.
  3. Each country has 0 or more territories.
  4. View functions to get territories by country, all territories, all countries, or a country.
  5. Territories have abbreviations and names.
  6. Countries have ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 Names (2 digit unique abbreviations), ISO 3166-1 Alpha 3 names (3 digit unique abbreviations), and each uses its country code number as its id.

This opens up a lot of possibilities. Simply add 'locality' to your INSTALLED_APPS in your file, run syncdb to install the models and the initial data, and off you go. You can tie your own custom classes to countries and territories like any other Django object.

It’s really simple, but it’s really refreshing to finally be able to do things in a way that makes sense. The module is available on PyPI, so you can integrate it into your build process with `setuptools`.